“BB Building” Ltd is registered under the Bulgarian Trade Law with Reg №205995078 and VAT№BG205995078.

The company has a main office in Varna city, Bulgaria, Varna Towers, 256 Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd., 1st floor, office 1, Varna, Bulgaria.

Factory 1 is located in the industrial zone of Slanchevo, 14 km. away from the Varna, bordering Varna-Sofia highway.

Factory 2 is planned to be located in the industrial zone of Ignatievo, 6km away from the Varna, bordering Varna-Sofia highway. Factory 2 is expected to run in May’ 22 as a factories of the future. 

“BB Building” Ltd is a legal successor of a construction company specialized in metal constructions and warehouses and factories. The company was established as a project company with main aim to develop an innovative “photovoltaic tracking system”, performing the main activity of metal construction and construction of factories in order to self-finance the main project.

After the development and patented the innovative dual axis tracking system, “BB Building” Ltd had build and run Factory 1 for the production of the metal construction of solar tracking system and their controllers with capacity of 30 “PV SUN” systems per day which is nearly 32MW per year.*  

Factory 2 is going to be run in May’22. The company had already invested in a plot of land, had developed the projects documentation and received a building permit for 8000sq.m where the predicted capacity is 100 PV SUN systems per day or more than 405MWp annually*

Currently, the company is implementing contracts for several large projects, whose revenues are used for the implementation Factory 2 with 8000 sq.m size for mass production of the dual axis tracking system.

  • Construction projects’ of “BB Building” Ltd for a period of 13 months are:
  • – Commercial mall with a total built-up area of 8000 sq.m;
  • – Warehouse of “Varna Climate”, with a built-up area of 5300sq.m;
  • – Minus refrigerated storage warehouse of 1000sq.m – 8000m3 ;
  • – Refrigerated warehouse of “Sogard” Ltd., with a built-up area of 1740 sq. m with 1000 m3 minus refrigerators;
  • – Warehouse of “Eco Energy Bulgaria 1” Ltd., with a total built-up area of 1500 sq. m;
  • – Warehouse of “Glav Bulgar Stroy” Ltd. on a total built-up area of 1500 sq. m;

The company has self-financed all its projects so far without using any EU, government or bank funds.

Putting into mass production the technology of “PV Sun”, which increases the production of electricity by 104%, “BB Building” Ltd is expected to take leading positions in the photovoltaic sector. Globally, there are no competitors that can provide so many technological solutions with so little space interaction, double efficiency and twice as fast return on investment.