Svetogor Denev

Svetogor Denev is the “know-how” man of the INNOVATIVE, DYNAMIC, UTILISED, HYBRID TRACKING DUAL –AXIS PV SUN CAPTURE SYSTEM – shortened the PV SUN. Probably the man with most patent registered and working in Bulgaria. He is the person who created, design and imported all the technical decisions in the PV SUN system, boosting its performance nearly double!

Working for himself in “Eco Energy Bulgaria 1” Svetogor Denev countinue its work in the renewable energy development and implementation field.

The project for the PV SUN was created, developed and erected by him. The project design of the factory is also done by his experience and preferences. The technology process of the construction process is completely his decision due to his experience of a master in metal constructions.

During the last 20 years he is working on different innovative projects as creation and patent of:

  2. –          Synchronous generators having permanent magnets with stationary armatures and rotating magnets with magnets rotating within the armatures, BG66575B1 which is implemented in MAN tracks;
  3. –          Thermal insulating composite panel, method of its production and building structures from such panels, Patent № WO2007082356A1 implemented in all factories and warehouse constructed by me.
  4. –          Bearing structural element for production, Patent №65765/2009;
  5. –          Vertical axis wind generator, registered utility model 2011;
  6. –          Car grille and rim for electric and wind car design patent № 6997/2009;
  7. –          Electric and wind car design patent № 66369/2013;
  8. Trade label registration of the electric and wind car №76911/2011;
  9. –          Duct system to improve the aerodynamics of the car patent № 110039/2013, implemented in last design of Mercedes cars;

During the last 25 years the main activity of Svetogor Denev is planning, developing and constructing of factory, warehouses, buildings and refrigerator warehouses on the territory of Bulgaria. For that period he had built more than 100 buildings. The incomes from the building activities had been invested in all innovation projects development. Running a chain of fast food restaurants “Chicken King” is also one of the activities which incomes are used for the finance of the innovation projects. Till now all project development processes were self – invested without using credit service.