Factory 1
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Factory 1

On 25-th October 2021 “BB Building” Ltd had run Factory 1 for production of  an INNOVATIVE, DYNAMIC, UTILISED, HYBRID TRACKING DUAL –AXIS PV SUN CAPTURE SYSTEM – shortened the PV SUN.

The factory is located in the main headquarter of the company in Slanchevo industrial zone, 14km away from Varna, bordering the highway Varna-Sofia.

Factory 1 had a 2000sq.m build up area and provide working places for 40 people and 20 more on site.

The factory capacity is 8 “PV SUN” systems per shift which is nearly 32MW per year.* The production capacity is planned to be extended 3 times or provide nearly 100MW annually. 

Working on one working shift the factory activity:

  • Could provide renewable energy to 32 000 households*
  • For 10 years the production activity would save about 31 242 735,89 tones of CO2 equivalent.
  • Provides 40 working places in the factory and 20 on site.
  • The factory is not subsidised by any EU, government or bank authority. 
  • The factory activity will help the EU to achieve the 2050’ Green target.
  • The innovation of the construction would keep the biodiversity on sites.

“BB Building”Ltd is happy to announce that some major customers for large scale projects already had place their orders. The order for the first 10MW large scale project is under production and is expected to be erected in 10 months on the territory of Bulgaria. Smaller projects are also in a process of production.

More news about the upcoming projects are going to be announces soon.

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  • October 25, 2021