Building permit for Factory 2
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Building permit for Factory 2

On 18-th October 2021г. „BB Building“ Ltd, had received  building permit for Factory 2 with total build up area of 7891.5sq.m. The factory is located in one of the plots of the company located in the instrucal zone of the city of Ignatievo, region Varna, just 6km away from Varna city. The annual production capacity of the factory will be 405MW. Another 200 working places are expected to be ensured. The toal amount of the project is  6 698 427,00 EUR.

“BB Building” Ltd does not intend to build just a simple factory, but a factory to serve as a pilot model of the factories of the future.

  • The already planned factory will be a PASSIVE FACTORY with high energy efficiency coefficient. The heat transfer coefficient is calculated to 2,83W/m2. This energy efficiency will be achieved using high isolative 10cm polyurethane foam panels for the construction of the building.
  • The production process is eco-friendly and do not emit any air-pollutants due to the fact that the raw material which is used for the process is metal and there is no harmful processes involved in its’ treatment.
  • Only for 10 years form PV SUN system production start, about 31 242 735,89 tons of CO2 equivalent will be saved. For 30 years (which is the life period of the PV modules) it will save as ecosystem forest large as Bulgaria is. 
  • In addition, the factory will be self-powered by producing the needed electricity via 33 PV SUN SYSTEMS. 26 PV SUN SYSEMS will find place on the roof together with special designed reinforced 605,2 sq.m windows which will insure daylight during the production process. Additional façade windows will reduce the electricity bills for lighting nearly 9000sq.m build up area. 7 ground PV SUN SYSEMS will be mounted on the ground area as an example how we can use the PV SUN SYSTEM utilizing any surface. The ground systems will have double use – as a parking-shed under which cars can park and also charge their batteries. The total installed capacity will be 504 900Wp. The produced annually energy will count to 1218972KW/h per year. If we had used standing PV SYSTEM the production will count to 650118,4 KW/h per year.  
  • The annual consumption of the factory with 8 hours working shift will be about 440MWh. It is very low due to the fact that low energy technical equipment had been chosen. The use of daylight also deducts the electricity bills. High efficiency heating and cooling system with COP 6 had been chosen to provide maximum comfortable working conditions. In addition, the factory will be connected to the grid as a double insurance for electricity supplement.
  • A rainwater harvesting system which will collect and store rainwater will be installed. Another advantage from ecological point of view is that the enterprise do not need large amount of water due to character of the production. The water needs are reduced for the minimum insuring save working conditions.
  • The factory will be supplied with own waste-water treatment plant which is ecological friendly and the waste water will be used for irrigating the landscape.
  • Special trees and grass species had been chosen for the landscaping and employees recreation areas. The reason to choose exact species comes from the facts that the area is very close to the motorway. Planting 50 fastest growing tree – Paulownia which absorbs 10 times more carbon dioxide than any tree species, another 73,5 t/CO2 will be absorbed.  In addition, 50 Maple trees will absorb the following heavy metals: tin – 2030000mg/m; nickel – 287000mg/m; chromium- 49000 mg/m; cadmium – 21 000 mg/m.  In addition to that thuya had been chosen to be planned around the recreation areas. The thuya has radiation and noise absorption abilities.  Nevertheless, being so close to the motorway means that only air pollution resistant plants can survive. So, we found the accurate species which needs air pollutants to survive and at the same time we will provide not just clear production but a clearer working place for our employees.
  • Another advantage from ecological point of view is there is no production residual garbage due to the fact that the main used for the production process raw material is metal. The process is optimized by using metal rolls and sheets which are cut by machines in exact size needed for the production. The other components needed for assembling the PV SUN SYSEM are PV modules, investors and cables and chocks which are supplied ready to be placed in the construction. The quantity of garbage will be generated by the employees during their working process. For that needs separate collection containers will be placed on exact locations.    
  • The internal placement of the machines allows disable people to find working place here. The company policy is socially engaged to disadvantaged people.

“BB Building” Ltd would like to give an example to other investors and to create a role model with giving an example with fulfilling a whole concept of being “green”.

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  • October 18, 2021